Top 10 Causes of Death in US

Top 10 Causes of Death in US

Death is a natural process and one has to die when the body fails to perform the normal functions. There are many causes of death. In US more than 75% people fails to diagnose the disease in time. The severity of disease increase with the passage of time and many cases , it is very difficult to cure the disorder.

Top ten causes of death in US will provide you with interesting facts about the death reasons in United States of America. Following are the top tens of all the reasons.

10. Blood Poisoning Disease (Septicemia)

Patient getting treatment for the infection

The blood poisoning or septicemia is responsible for 2% mortalities. It is less frequent disorder but it can be very detrimental. Any of the body infections can responsible for blood poisoning. Osteomyelitis and bone infections can be very dangerous in this regard. The infection is caused by a bacteria named as Septicemia and these tend to damage the normal structure of blood tissue. The survival rate is 50% as most of the infections are very severe. It is one of the serious causes of death in US 2012.

9. Suicide Deaths

Suicide Case

These are mainly due to depressions and anxiety issues. More than 3% of Americans die every year due to this problem. Psychological training is useful to treat the over depressed patients. The ratio of females is more as compared to males. This is not an accidental death as it is a self-imposed condition of the human brain that negatively affects the human behavior. It was one of the major causes of death in US 2012. Parents should take care of their children and should give them time and guidance. Caring and healthy conditions eliminates such issues.

8. Kidney and Liver Diseases

Kidney Patient

Both of these issues account for 5% of all deaths and hence considered among the major causes of death in US. The kidney as well as the liver serves as vital organs of body. No human can survive in the absence of these organs. The function of liver is detoxification and kidneys play their role in purifying blood. You can imagine the condition that what will happen if both of these factories stop working. Proper medical tests are required to diagnose these diseases. Many types of cancers are found to be associated and the cancers are incurable at later stages. Regular visits to your doctor can be very helpful in this regard.

7. Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer Patient

3% of all the deaths are caused by Alzheimer. This is a disease in which brain fails to perform the optimum functions. This is progressive and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease help to diagnose the disease at a very early stage. This disease is incurable and the treatment mainly focuses to slow down the speed of progression. The management of all the symptoms can also lead to a slow development of disease. It is a very complex disease and regular checkup to your neuro-physician can help you in a positive manner. Serve as number seventh of all the causes of death in US 2012.

6. Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus patient

Diabetes mellitus stands on number six. It is not responsible for a sudden death but may contribute to cause some. For example, a sudden drop in blood sugar level can cause a black out and accident can occur if you are on the road. A regular checkup and diabetes test can help you to avoid such conditions. More than 3% of the deaths are caused by diabetes mellitus. Type 2 diabetes causes more mortality as compared to that of type 1 diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes are very easy to diagnose and you can remember them easily. If you have a strong family history in relation to diabetes then you should be more careful. Blood glucose level should be maintained to avoid such results.

5. Accidental Deaths


Are you following the driving rules and regulations? Do you hate to think about the family issues while driving? Do you feel it unsafe to use mobile during driving? If yes, then congratulations as you will definitely skip accidents. The accidental deaths are 4% in US and it is more than normal. The survival percentage is very low as accidents can result in secondary problems like sudden heart attack, brain hemorrhage, etc. So, it is better to drive safe on the road. Depressions and tensions are the main reasons of road side accidents.

4. Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory disease patient

Out of all the mortalities, respiratory issues stand on number four. It contributes about more than 8% of all the deaths in US. Pneumonia contributes 3% in these figures. The respiratory issues are very sensitive and progressive. The symptoms are very clear but there are many issues that are not treatable. The main target organs are the human lungs, as they fail to absorb the required oxygen. Patient develops multiple symptoms according to nature of disease. Early diagnosis is very helpful in this regard. Asthma and Pneumonia causes much more mortality as compared to that of other respiratory issues. It is same in the people of all ages and races. Allergies and other fungal infections are also detrimental.

3. Cerebrovascular Diseases      

Cerebrovascular diseases

With 7% of deaths, cerebrovascular issues stand on number three. Any blockage in the blood supply towards brain can lead to a stroke. It can be detrimental as it mainly occurs due to a blood clot. The main causes of stroke include the alcohol drinking, smoking, diabetes, family history, high BP, drug addiction. Most of the people suffer from a sudden death and if survive, the life is very difficult for stroke patient. There is a need to understand the symptoms of stroke to resolve this issue at a very early stage. CT scan is the best test used for the diagnosis.

2. Cancers and Tumors

Cancer Patient

More than 21% of people in US die due to tumors found in any part of body. Tumor is uncontrolled division of cells and can convert into malignant form. More than 12% of the women in United States develop breast cancer every year. This is an alarming state and there is a need to understand the symptoms that are associated with tumors. A regular checkup is also helpful in this regard. Moreover age is also a good indicator of those tumors which develop with age. For example prostate tumors are more common in older males.

1. Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart Pains

Finally, the number one of all is here and these are cardiovascular issues. This is the most common cause and according to a genuine survey, out of all the deaths more than 27% of US citizens dies mainly due to cardiovascular issues. Most of the heart diseases are caused by the busy and hectic life style. Depressions and hypertensions mimic the heart problems. ECG is considered to be the best diagnostic test for the prediction of any cardiovascular issue. If you have some cardiovascular diseases in your family then you need to keep an eye on emerging symptoms with age. It is the major cause of death in US.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can give you 100% more security. Positive attitudes and tension free living can increase your life span. Depression and hypertension serves as a direct or indirect cause in most of cases.


Avoid Depression! Enjoy Life!

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