10 Super Ways to Stop Hair Loss

10 Super Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Hairs are part of human body and the hairs on scalp are more important than any other types of hairs on the rest of body. Humans are recognized by their different hair styles and hair colors. Most of the people are very ignorant towards the hair health issues. On an average a normal human being loses 20 to 30 hair strands per day. This quantity of hair fall is considered normal and there are no worries if the hair fall is in between this range. Hair fall of more than this range can result in baldness. The hair fall condition is medically called as alopecia and there are many forms of alopecia. Some people lose hair due to any genetic disorder but many others lose the hairs due to a specific autoimmune response of the body. Alopecia can result in patchy hair fall or complete baldness. Hundreds and thousands of brands are marketing the hair fall solutions but all are not doing the great work for your scalp and health.

There is a need to understand some of the ways that are related to the human hair health. It is interesting to note that the Alopecia also affects other mammals other than humans. This is some other discussion but for the time being the discussion will focus on the top ten ways to stop hair loss and regain new hair volume.

10. Herbal treatment for Hair fall

Herbal treatment for Hairfall

Herbal treatment includes the use of herbs for the hair fall and re-growth of new hairs. There are many herbal therapies for your hair. Many herbal ingredients are found in nature that can positively affect the scalp health and the health of your hairs.

9. Dietary Modifications for Hair fall

Dietary Modifications for Hairfall

Eat the food that is high in biotin and the Vitamin E. Eat multivitamins if you are not taking a healthy diet. Prefer the sea foods as they are rich of many vitamins. Get the fruits and incorporate them in your daily diet so that you can get a good supply of all the nutrients. Antioxidants are also present in most of the fruits and these can positively affect the blood supply as well as the growth of your hairs.

8. Psychological Adjustments for Hair Fall

Psychological adjustments for Hairfall

Decrease your stress and anxiety levels. Depression can be fatal and so are the antidepressants. It is better to take the natural treatments for depression because the side effects of antidepressants are also related to the hair fall and the excessive baldness. Some of the patients of depression lose their hairs due to the excessive doses of tranquilizers and antidepressants.

7. Essential Oil Massage for Hair Fall

Essential Oil Massage for Hairfall

Essential oils like the olive oil can give a new boost to your hair growth. It stops the excessive hair loss and gives a new life to your scalp. Coconut oil is also considered good for your scalp health. Scalp health is directly related to the hair fall. If you are making a good base then your building will stand for a long time and it is the same case that if you are nourishing your scalp then it will yield healthy and vigorous hairs.

6. Green Tea Therapy for Hair Fall

Green tea for Hairfall

Green tea supplies your body with enough anti oxidants that are vital for the normal functioning of your scalp health.

5. Sleep Cycle Adjustments for Hair Fall

Sleep Cycle for Hairfall

Set your sleep cycle as it is very healthy to sleep 8 hours during night and a rest of 3 to 4 hours during the day time.

4. Hair Product Selection for Hair Fall

Hair Product Selection for Hair Fall

Be aware of all the fake brands that make hand some marketing. Go for the natural hair fall solutions or the home remedies for hair fall.

3. Water Treatment for Hair Fall

Water Treatment for Hair Fall

Use soft water for washing your hair. Hard water and marine water gives a roughness to your hairs and consequently your hairs will start to fall after a short period of time. Avoid the use of hot water as the hot water treatment can be fatal for the life of your hairs and scalp.

2. Medical Treatment for Hair Fall

Medical Treatment for Hair Fall

Minoxidil is considered to be the best medical solution of hair fall. In many cases of Alopecia, some kind of steroidal treatment is also given to the patient to stop the excessive hair fall. Natural hair fall solutions are considered to be more safe as compared to other remedies.

1. Allergens and Hair Fall

Allergens and Hair Fall

Avoid the use of shampoos and lotions that are high in sulfates. Sodium sulfate is now added in most of the shampoos and it is considered to be the essential ingredients in shampoos. It acts as an allergen for your scalp and hairs and can result in excessive hair loss.

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