Top 10 Ways to Control Lizards

Top 10 Ways to Control Lizards

Lizards are insectivorous reptiles that are found in many habitats. House lizards are more noticed because of their cosmopolitan presence in houses, offices and educational institutes. Herpetophobia is a fear of reptiles and is found in most of the people round the world. About 90% of girls are suffering from this issue and even a small sized lizard can cause a considerable disturbance. This particular psychological fear is natural involuntary action of human brain. Lizards are almost found everywhere and the due to their nocturnal habit; these are mostly active at night. Since it is a big household issue that is why this informative article will give you some insights of lizard control.

Following are the Top 10 ways to get rid of lizards. You can add a lot of improvement to your living or working place after the implementation of any of these methods.

10. Ultrasonic devices

Ultrasonic Devices

These devices emit sound waves that are not detected by human ear drum. These sound waves are very teasing and force the reptiles and other rodents to migrate from a certain area. These devices have a certain range and these are electrically powered. It should be noted that these electronic repellent devices will tend to disturb your pet. So if you have a pet in your house, then it is better not to use such repellents. It is better to adopt some other strategy if you have a kitty or a doggy in your house. Overall, use of these ultrasonic devices yields good results.

9. UV Traps for Insects

UV traps

Lizards are insectivorous as they engulf the whole insect. The food source can be killed in order to get rid of lizards. It is better to use a UV trap in your living place. UV light is a great attractant of most of insects. The insects which come out at night are called as nocturnal insects. Some insects that are diurnal in habit may also get attracted to the light inside your house. These lizards are mostly found in insect rich corners of your house. If you kill insects then it will force the lizards to migrate to your neighborhood having abundant supply of food, i.e. insects.

8. Synthetic Pesticides

Chemical Control

Synthetic insecticides are available in market that can be sprayed in the corners of your house. When the lizard will make a contact, the poison will ultimately get absorbed in skin and after sometime the poison will affect the CNS and ultimately, death occurs. There are several drawbacks of this method. The first disadvantage is that the poisoned lizard may die at any corner of your house and can create a bad odor. The second disadvantage is that your pet may consume the poisoned reptile and ultimately it may suffer from vomiting, diarrhea and food poisoning issues.

7. Synthetic Repellents

Liz Repel

Yes these work! Synthetic repellents like Liz Repel® can prove to be effective in this regard. These repellents tend to create an unacceptable chemical message for the reptiles and consequently these lizards are repelled by the action. It should be kept in mind that repellents should be used after reading the precautions on the label. Using too much repellent can create a resistance in lizards. It is better to use repellents on occasional basis. Indian white chalk can also be used to draw a repelling line on your wall.

6. Onion Control


Onions are very effective natural repellent against lizards and other reptiles. The sulfur containing compounds present in onion are responsible for creating a bad odor. You can use this natural repellent in many ways. You can use the half onion and in order to hide it from the eye of visitors, you can use a white box with many holes, glued or suspended against the wall. After every week just change the slice of onion. This remedy is very helpful as it has no effect on your family and pet.

5. Garlic Control

Garlic Control

Garlic is also a natural repellent and makes lizard feel uncomfortable. You can use the garlic as well as garlic essence. In a bottle, just place a few drops of garlic essence, water and onion juice and the great repellent mixture is ready to use. You can place this bottle anywhere inside your house or can also spray it on the corners. This is effective for the house lizards as there is no toxic value or garlic to humans and other animals. It just repels lizards from the treated areas.

4. Use of Egg Shells

Egg Shells

Eggshells are not true repellents. It is said to psychologically bluff lizards. If you place some egg shells then lizards leave because of their territoriality behavior. Due to egg shells, lizards assume another organism in the vicinity and because of this reason, lizards leaves that space. This may work or may not work under some conditions. If you go for this approach, then don’t forget to change the egg shells after every 4 weeks. It can prove to be a psychological repellent to poor lizards.

3. Cats: Natural Predators


Cats are natural enemies of lizards. At night, lizard may move near the lower surface and that is the best time for your kitty to enjoy the adventure. Cats can injure and ultimately eat the lizards. They can even jump to a reasonable height to catch the prey. It should be noted that cats are not enough for a complete control. Your pet may develop some food poisoning issues after eating lot of lizards. Care should be taken to avoid the deliberate consumption of lizards by your pet.

2. Manual Eradication


Weekly inspection and killing of lizards manually can be helpful. Most of the people use air gun to kill these creatures. Still other uses broom to kill lizards. It should be kept in mind that lizards are very easy to kill manually. It just needs some time and patience. It is a rapid control and it gives an instant relief to your wife. Well, personal relationships can be related to timely eradication of these household pests.

1. Adoption of Precautionary Measures


Precaution is better as compared to all of natural and synthetic approaches. Just block the holes and cracks inside your house. You can use any foamy material for this purpose. Weekly surveys can be helpful and if you observe any small activity or small lizards then it is an indication of an active colony in your place or in neighborhood.

Lizard control is easy but you have to involve your colony fellows and neighbors in this lizard management program.

Lizard Eradication! Completes Satisfaction!

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    I agree manual eradication remains the best solution.
    Sometimes it is hard to get them because the lizard are quick in escaping into narrow area and hide under sofas and climb to higher walls.

    I would also like to have the air gun.
    Does anyone know how to obtain them in Malaysia.

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    The ideas for driving away lizards are really great. I will try out these methods and give feedback. Thanks.

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    agree manual eradication remains the best solution.

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