10 Facts about Solar Energy

10 Facts about Solar Energy

Fossil fuels are source of environmental pollution and these reservoirs are depleting with the passage of time. No one knows that where the end of this story but there lies is a certain fact that there is a need to replace these fuels in order to give a new life to planet earth. Hydro power is a good replacement of energy but solar panels are new and innovative method to produce energy for your house or office. You can use these panels to get more and more energy for your house as well as for your office. It is a better substitute of the fossil based fuel energy system. It can also give you independence from the electricity bills and can also give a perfect energy source for your cars and vehicles. Cars having solar panels are also near to be commercialized as soon as it becomes common.

Advantages and disadvantages are associated with every type of product or technology. You cannot ignore that there are some of the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with solar energy systems. Following are the top ten facts about the solar energy systems.

10. Zero Pollution

solar energy: zero pollution

There is absolutely no pollution associated with the solar panel or green technology. This technology is gaining more and more popularity mainly due to the less toxic effects to the environment. There are also no emission of the green house gases that are mainly effecting the ozone layer and are responsible for the ozone depletion. Hence it can be considered as a zero pollution approach.

9. Infinite Energy

solar energy: infinite energy

You can produce an infinite amount of energy just by increasing the area of catchment. Solar energy panels can be put at any place where there is a good sunlight and these panels can harvest greater amount of energy. When you look at the cost of these panels then there is a greater benefit to cost ratio as compared to that of the other strategies that are currently utilized to produce the energy. It is a source of infinite energy till the very last day of this planet.

8. No Bills

solar energy: No bills

You get an independence from the worry of the electric bills and there is absolutely nothing to worry about the bills. Maintenance costs of solar panels are very negligible as compared to that of the other type of technologies. The rate of the bills are also increasing with the passage of time. This is mainly due to the high demand of the energy sources that are depleting with each passing second. There are absolutely no charges when it comes to the solar power.

7. Natural Energy

solar energy: Natural energy

It is a gift of nature that every day the planet earth receives enough amount of energy that is sufficient to serve mankind for the next millennium. More than 99.9% of the energy got wasted due to the unavailability of solar energy harvesting mechanisms. Each day hundreds of thousands of volts are gifted free of cost and there are very less facilities to capture the energy that is being poured down from the sun to the planet earth.

6. Cost Effective

solar energy: Cost effective

It is another advantage of solar energy that it is cost effective as compared to other sources of energy. You can easily buy these panels and the solar panels are readily available in the developed countries of the world whereas the availability is limited in underdeveloped nations. The cheap solar cells are also available and that are manufactured for the general public use. The life of the solar cells are far greater as compared to any other electric appliance. There are many type and models of solar panels that are available for the use of general public.

5. Good Business

solar energy: business

If you are dealing with the solar panels or the solar panel spare parts then this can be very good for your future as it is a fantastic technology as well as an emerging business. You can easily rely upon this technology and can market your technology at a very low cost. The business opportunities in the developing nations are far greater as compared to that of the developed states of the world. There are many horizons for the investors and this is a great chance of investment for the people who are new to this business of import and export of solar panels.

4. Renewable Source

solar energy: Renewable source of energy

Solar energy can give you advantage till the last day of earth. The cloudy weather can serve as a small hurdle as the solar panels can be adjusted to catch the low frequency light. But overall it is a nice way to harvest the natural energy. It is a very interesting fact that the intensity of solar radiations are increasing with the passage of time mainly due to the ozone depletion and the other global warming factors. It will the most innovative source of energy after the complete depletion of the natural fuels.

3. Initial Cost

solar energy: initial cost

Well, it is a fact that the initial cost of the solar panel is very huge as compared to that of other source of energies. There is a big controversy on this factor as the developing nations are reluctant to spend lot of funds on this technology. The initial cost is a bit higher but there is a need to convert this technology in order to convert this into the cheapest sources of energy. The dependence on the solar power will increase and it will prove to be more effective as compared to that of the nuclear power.

2. Best Solution for Energy Crisis

solar energy: Energy crisis solution

It is perhaps the best solution for the power crisis in the developing nations of the world. It can be easily developed and maintained. After a small stress of the initial cost there is a complete peace of mind and tranquility with regards to the load shedding of electricity and other power break downs.

1. Maintenance

solar energy: Maintenance

Maintenance is very easy and any one can easily maintain it. This can give you complete peace of mind. Cleanliness of panels and wiring issues should be managed properly. Overloading should be avoided to negate the risk of any negative issue. Overall there are no high maintenance charges that are present. There is a need to promote this technology in the general public in order to bring about a solution of the global energy crisis.

Solar energy is perhaps the best replacement of conventional sources of energy!

Have a good day!

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  1. shan says:

    Well, there is actually pollution when you want to produce the solarcells. You have to use large volumes of fossil fuels (oil, coal etc.) in order to make them. They dont just pop out of the ground. The are produced in the industry. And you also have to remember that the solarcells do not last forever, moreover they also require continually maintenance (which is also not cost free). Nevertheless, it is still worth to invest in these due to independence from other (electricity) suppliers and you don’t get an electric bill every month :) In the long run, you will probably save a lot of money and time.

  2. anoynmous says:

    need more info on solar power

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