Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in US

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in US

Health insurance is a general financial safety plan against any of the possible medical threats. Many plans are there according to the possible threat and after a calculated estimation, the financial plan is made. An agreement is made between the health insurance company and its client. Health insurance companies are also working in US. Selection of best company allows you to enjoy your life in a better way. 30% of the US citizens avail the health insurance services. All you need is to select the best company for you and your family.

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Here is a list of top ten health insurance companies in US. So, here we go:


10. WellPoint Health Insurance

WellPoint Logo

With revenues of more than 6.1 billion US dollars, WellPoint insurance stands as a quality health insurance. After the company merged into Anthem there is a large growth in revenues. More than 2.5 billion dollars of annual income and an alexa rank of 152,085, this health insurance company is standing on number ten. The company has more than 38,000 employers and working in many states of US. The general headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Moreover premium increases and policy reforms are good steps taken by this health insurance company. You can visit the official site of the company for more details.

Official site:

9. Independence Blue Cross Insurance

Blue Cross Logo

With more than 4 million customers in US, Independence Blue Cross Health Insurance is also progressing forward. The company is one of the largest health insurance firms in some of US States. The company was established in 1930’s and in the first year 0.16 million customers were registered. Company is working for the social welfare and leading many missions in social sector. Medical insurance plans are very flexible and the customers appreciate the flexible plans. With an alexa rank of 131,443, the Independence Blue Cross Health Insurance is standing on ninth. You can go to the official site for the plans and services offered by this insurance company.

Official site:

8. High Mark Insurance

High Mark Logo

The High Mark was established in 1977 and since then the company is providing services for the betterment of health sector. High Mark has estimated revenues of 14.78 billion dollars and there is a high demand of the insurance policies offered by this insurance cooperation. It is one of the largest non-profit organizations in US and working for the betterment of health and community. Efforts of the High Mark for the prevention of childhood obesity can be counted among the landmarks of this insurance company. The alexa rank of company is 113,443 and the official site can give you more information and general knowledge.

Official site:

7. Coventry Health Care Insurance

Coventry Inc logo

Coventry Insurance is another one of the most reliable health insurance companies in US. The company has more than 15,000 employers and the headquarters are situated in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. This insurance firm has been awarded by many of the business awards and since it was established it was acquired by different insurance companies in US. Recently Aetna Inc. acquired the company in 2012. The official website has an alexa rank of 67,283 and the annual revenues range in billions of dollars. It is considered to be very reliable health insurer in US. You can visit the official site for more details about the insurance policies offered by Coventry.

Official site:

6. Blue Shield Insurance

Blue Shield Logo

Blue Shield Insurance is working in US for 83 years and now it has been fused to the Blue Cross Insurance. It is a reliable corporation as far as the health insurance is concerned. The alexa rank of the official website is 56,905 and is standing in the top health insurance websites. The health insurance plans offered by Blue Shield and Blue Cross are now fused. The official website can give you more information about the health care plans. You can select the best plan according to your interest.

Official Site:

5. United Health Group Insurance

United Health Logo

Established in 1977, the United Health Group has more than 90 Billion dollar revenues. The company has more than 79,000 employers and it is considered to be a big giant among all the health insurance companies in US. The headquarters are located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, US. In 2011, more than 5 billion of yearly income was reported. The diversified services of the company are serving all the states of US. General and specific plans enable the customers to enjoy a range. You can visit the official site for more details.

Official Site:

4. Humana Life Insurance

Humana logo

It was founded by Wendell Cherry and David A. Jones in 1961. The headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky, US. The annual revenues were over 11 billion in 2011. It is one of the biggest insurance companies in US with more than 39,000 employers. The net income was more than 1.3 billion dollars in 2011. The company completed more than 21 acquisitions from 1994 to 2012. The official site has an alexa ranking of 17,546 and the official site gives the complete detail of the health insurance plans in US.

Official Site:

3. Cigna Health Insurance

CIGNA Health Logo

Cigna Health Insurance is also a market leader in health insurance business in US. The annual revenue is more than 19 billion dollars and more than 30,000 employers are working under the badge of the health insurance company. Company Headquarters are working near Bloomfield, Connecticut, US. The multiple reliable packages of the company enable the customer to enjoy a complete health insurance. It is counted among top ten insurance companies in US. Official site has an alexa rank of 15,906 and is dedicated for giving you best health insurance solutions.

Official Site:

2. Aetna Health Insurance

Aetna Logo

It was funded in 1853 and is considered to be the one of the oldest insurance companies in US. The best features include the traditional caring of customer. The health care services and insurance plans are considered to be the best in United States of America. E. A. Berkeley was the founder of Aetna Inc. Alexa rank of company website is 7,237. More details are available at the official site of this health insurance company in US.

Official Site:

1. Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance

Kaiser Logo

Finally,here is the number one! Kaiser Permanente is working since 1945. H.J. Kaiser was the founder of Kaiser Inc. The annual revenues are more than 50 billion US Dollars. The company has a working team of more than 0.18 million workers. The company is considered to be the most reliable health insurance company in US. Alexa rank of official website is 5,051. Being a non-profit organization it is serving for the benefit of US citizens.

Official Site:

Health Insurance companies aim to give protection to your health. You can live happily after availing any of the insurance plans. It is better for you and your family.


Make a decision! Get Insured!

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